Tourist Tuesday: Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop/East Rock Park

Tourist Tuesday: Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop/East Rock Park

Lewis is the pastor of a congregation in Connecticut, so we often have the opportunity to head out of the city and see some sights in our neighboring state. On Sunday we had the chance to meet up with a friend for a picnic lunch just outside of New Haven. We picked up Chipotle because it’s almost always delicious (it was this time too) and met up at the Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop in East Rock Park.

It seemed like the museum was closed so we sat at the picnic tables and enjoyed the beautiful weather and a great view of the waterfalls behind us.

The area is an historic site known as Whitneyville, with Eli Whitney Sr. coming to the area in 1798 to use the water’s power to run machinery. In part, the dam’s size and the natural limits of the water power, the site, and settlement remained relatively small and prevented further industrial development. In 1860 Eli Whitney, Jr. turned the river into the first public water supply for the city of New Haven, it still supplies water to the town to this day.

After our lovely lunch, we crossed the covered bridge into the park for a short hike. The original bridge was designed by Ithiel Town in 1820 and was an innovation in strength, simplicity, and economy. Unfortunately, the bridge was destroyed in a flood around the turn of the century. In 1979 students from the Eli Whitney Vocational-Technical High School reconstructed the bridge from Town’s design, though with some abutments from an earlier factory bridge, giving it some additional supports.

Thankfully, the museum was actually open because we needed a bathroom break before heading home. We didn’t have time to tour the museum, but it smelled wonderfully like fresh-cut wood. The museum is, essentially, a workshop where things are collected, studied, experimented on, and built creating a unique learning experience.

This would be a fantastic place to bring the kiddos for an educational and fun afternoon.

Tourist Tuesday: Great Day for a Fail

Tourist Tuesday: Great Day for a Fail

So… for Tourist Tuesday, sometimes I’ll go the day of, or sometimes I’ll go earlier in the week and just post about it on Tuesday.

I’m going to get a little personal here. In November I had a mammogram done (get your checks done ladies) and it showed an anomaly. Of course, they didn’t have any open appointments for my follow-up until January. Let’s just say December was a lot of sleepless nights with a lot of what-ifs running through my head. So, I had my follow-up on Wednesday last week. I’m happy to say that the sonogram and second mammogram detected a lump that (and this is literally what the official report says) they “have characterized as probably benign (not cancer).” How’s that for confidence? When they actually told me the results at the hospital they said, “it’s not cancer.” It wasn’t until I got the official report that I found that little nugget of reassurance. Anyway… because of all this, I was like, I’m going to wait to go touristing (I know it’s not a real word) until Sunday or Monday, or maybe even actually Tuesday.

And this weekend started out so lovely (how’s that for foreshadowing??!)! We had friends over for dinner on Thursday, and then on Friday, we drove to Connecticut to spend the Sabbath and weekend with our brethren in the Hartford congregation. On Sabbath, we had a really rewarding Bible Study, followed by a potluck and services.

Often, when we go to Connecticut we stay with our deacon and deaconess in Stratford, and we were this past weekend. We had other visits planned as well… and then. and then. Three out of four of us came down with food poisoning. The next 12 hours were so disgusting. I’ll spare you the details. Suffice it to say, there was no touristing this weekend. But that’s life, eh? Even living in a big fancy town, we still have real life. Which sometimes means real-life food poisoning.

If there is a specific place you’d like to have me write about or post pictures of, leave a comment!

Me – mostly recovered from food poisoning 😬