I’ve Got a Real Problem …

I’ve got a real problem guys. So I was driving through Bay Ridge (a neighborhood in Brooklyn) when I small sign caught my eye… Handwritten in chalk I see, “best cupcakes in the USA.”

I couldn’t make out the source of said claim, but that’s a pretty bold statement. And obviously, I couldn’t let it stand untested, nay, unchallenged. I made my husband circle the block and double park so I could run in. Before I get to my critique of said cupcake shop, some backstory.

I enjoy a good cupcake, but that’s the rub, there are so many bad cupcakes that finding a good cupcake is a veritable treasure hunt… no even less fruitful than that… a Sasquatch hunt. They probably exist, but they’re the stuff of legends, whispered about by the lucky few who have found them.

I say now, with the utmost humility, that I make a mean cupcake. The cake is light, fluffy, and moist. Its bitter chocolatey goodness is tempered by a sweet and ever-so-slightly salty buttercream. If I’m feeling whimsical I’ll top them with festive sprinkles, but honestly, they don’t need them.

Back to my review. Best cupcakes in the USA? Maybe, if you like a dense flavorless cake with marshmallow frosting. But if you like things like flavor and texture, then no, they are most decidedly not the best cupcakes in the USA. The shop is, however, a socially conscious bakery and they donate money to feed needy folks, and I fully support their efforts.

So what is this problem I have? The main problem is I can’t pass up a bakery and I’m more than a little judgey when it comes to cupcakes.

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