What Happened to November?!

Seriously? What happened to November?! I’m sure I did something… but clearly nothing noteworthy, otherwise I would have written about it. I haven’t posted any book reviews because I’m currently reading three books… it would probably be helpful to finish one of them.

I’ve made a couple of quilts (I’m learning a lot), I’ve been practicing making bread (I’m getting better), I attempted to make a crepe cake (pretty disastrous), I made a lemon meringue pie (it tasted good, looked terrible), I made a pumpkin pie and an apple pie for Thanksgiving, and attempted a new cookie (pretty tasty).

I think I epitomize the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Sometimes I’m a little disheartened by this fact… I’ve always wanted to be really good at one thing! But being okay at a bunch of things is okay too, I suppose.

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