Custard Pie

Custard Pie

Growing up my mom had this old, well-used (read: total wreck) “Better Homes and Garden” cooking encyclopedia set, and I loved it. When I was older, I told mom that when she died, I called dibs on the set. Thankfully, my parents are still very much alive, but when they moved from Ohio to Texas they had to downsize just a bit, and she offered me her cookbook set. I was thrilled… but also, why did I want these cookbooks?! I don’t typically use cookbooks or even recipes for that matter. Unless of course I’m making something new, or baking… baking is science, man, you have to be precise. Anyway, I remembered why I wanted these cookbooks, they’ve got some great recipes. I mean, let’s be honest, these are from the late 60’s, early 70’s, there are some terrible recipes in there (not everything needs to be set in Jell-O, BHG!), but there are some real gems, and they give tips on why something might not be working out. This week I started jonesing for some custard pie… I love a good, homemade custard pie. So here are the results. I follow this recipe perfectly, except, I don’t sift the flour for the pastry, and I use butter instead of shortening. I like it warm or chilled.

One of the volumes
Publishing information
An obviously well-used section
It says nutmeg “if desired,” but honestly, you’re a monster if you don’t use the nutmeg.
Fresh out of the oven

The pastry recipe said it was for a single 9-inch pie, but I used a 9.5 inch and I still had leftover crust. So I made a bonus mini-blackberry pie. I only added a teaspoon of sugar… it was not enough, talk about tart, but still quite delicious.

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