Boston Cream Donuts

So, I’m kind of a doughnut snob. I love, love, love a good doughnut, but so often, they’re just not. Boxed donuts, terrible. Krispy Kreme, also terrible. Dunkin’ Donuts, only slightly better than terrible. Seriously, I’m a doughnut snob. Because of this I don’t eat donuts very often, usually only a couple of times a year (usually on a trip to the greater Cincinnati area, since they have the most amazing doughnut shops there), and while I’m sure there are some amazing doughnut shops here in NYC, none that I’ve found in our neighborhood. Which, honestly, is probably better for my health.

Anyway, it’s been six months since I’ve had a doughnut. And since my annual trip to Cincinnati got cancelled (thanks Covid-19), I got desperate, and I made my own. I have never made them before, so I had no idea how these would turn out.

I found a recipe online, and I mostly followed the instructions. I followed the recipe for the dough, but I didn’t have cornstarch, so I made the custard without it, and I used milk instead of heavy cream. For the chocolate topping, I made a chocolate ganache instead of the recipe included on the website (the ganache I made was 10 ounces of ghiradelli bittersweet chocolate chips and eight ounces of heavy cream).

Here are photos from the process and the final product. So, how did this doughnut snob find them? They were pretty good. Weirdly, I only made one dough, but half of the dough didn’t rise like the others. But overall, better than Dunkin’ for sure.

I’m linking the three best doughnut shops around. If you’re ever in the greater Cincinnati area, be sure to check them out.

Marcella’s Doughnuts:

Holtman’s Donut Shop:

Ms. Cheri’s Donuts:

This is the recipe with my tips added throughout:

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